Tyze and Midland Heart keeping you connected.

Midland Heart working in partnership with Tyze are proud to be offering free, secure, private online networks to our customers.

A Tyze network can help support you, your family, friends, care and support providers by keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest information. You can access Tyze anywhere in the world at any time, so your network will be there when you need it.  

It’s quick and easy to create a personal network that can help you:

  • Stay connected. Connect securely with friends, family, and care providers.
  • Share the care. Knowing you are supported takes pressure off those who help you the most.
  • Live independently. Your network members will have peace of mind, knowing that you're safe, where you want to be, and that you have support.
  • Store critical information. Safely store your medication list, emergency contacts, passwords and more in your private vault.

Click here to learn more about Midland Heart: www.midlandheart.org.uk/ .

Midland Heart personal networks are powered by Tyze. Learn more about Tyze at www.tyze.com .